Do you worry about your privacy? READ This!

You may be sharing too much information on the web and now that information is EASY to get by friends, family and others that shouldn’t know your business!  A new site, Spokeo, is publishing all the information it has on you.  Most of the information was correct for me and my husband.  (house value was off) I quickly removed my family from the listing! This new site has gone through public surveys that you’ve filled out, gone through social networks, and magazine subscriptions that you have ordered to name a few.  From that, this site has gathered some information on who you might be.  Again, much of the information was correct and it wasn’t something I wanted shared.  If you don’t wish your information to be out there, take the first step by removing yourself from the Spokeo site.

  • To remove yourself,  Click here to visit the offending site
  • Once you are at that site, search for your name (fist and last name)
  • Once you find yourself, copy the link.
  • Next, go to the privacy page found Here
  • Insert your url for your name and provide a working email (I used a spam one that I have access to)
  • Once you are done, submit that information then wait for them to send you an email
  • To complete the removal process click on the SECOND url in that email.  It will say “To complete the removal process, please click this URL or paste it into your browser”

Please forward this post to your friends and family so that they can remove themselves from the Spokeo site too!