Earthbound Farm – Win a free bag

Take the quiz and win a grocery bag.  Before doing the quiz be sure to visit the site and the “kitchen” to get some tips and clues to the answers on the quiz.  The top right corner tells you when your next chance to win will be.  For today it is Noon PTD (CA Time)  or 2 pm Central (my time – Texas)

They have really nice bags.  I LOVE the one they sent me last year!  I am looking forward to getting a new Earthbound Farm bag this year.

Good Luck!

Click Here to get your bag


The tough question for me was about the first book written by Myra Goodman.  Fortunately for me, I just happened to have a thing that came in the mail today from Earthbound which had the book info in it.  If you get this question the answer to that question is “Food to live by”.   This was in the print on the “book” video page.  I think you need to get 100% to win the bag.

Click Here to order Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook  from Amazon!

The site is slow to load at this very moment due to traffic, but be patient.  You’ll get there eventually!