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Science Diet – Small and Toy breed dog food

I’m a buzz agent and I was lucky enough to get in on this campaign.  It is a special dog food for the smaller dogs! I have a few coupons to share.  If you’d like to have a coupon, please use the contact us page.  The coupon is good for $3 off a bag of the Small and Toy breed food.  It expires on 7/30/10.  I can’t tell you what my dog thinks yet as I haven’t had a chance to get some of this food yet!  I need to get my bag soon!

About Science Diet  Small and Toy Breed dog Food

  • For puppies, it is supposed to help boost immunity, build healthy muscles, bones, and teeth, promote better mental development, and is optimal for nutrient absorbtion.
  • For Adult dogs, it is supposed to enhance immunity, promote healthy skin, coat, ears and eyes,.  Promote strong bones, healthy muscles and is optimal for nutrient absorption.
  • Adult Light is supposed to help control weight, be filling, and promote healthy immunity.
  • Mature Adult is supposed to maintian internal organ health, enhance immunity, promote healthy skin, coat, ears and eyes, strong bones and healthy muscles.

For more information on this product and other Science Diet products, please visit Click here

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If you’ve tried this food for your pet, please let me know what you think about it.