10 shopping tips by Caren

Ten Shopping tips from Caren of C’s Coupon Place

  1. Stockpile when items are on sale.
  2. Learn the sales patterns at your favorite stores.
  3. Many stores have the policy to match their competitor’s prices.  If you see something in the newspaper that you want, but don’t want to travel to that particular store to get it, cut the advertisement out and take it to your local store.
  4. Use coupons if you have them. Remember to bring them along!
  5. Send off for rebates to get items free, or nearly free!
  6. Always ask for a rain-check. While you are waiting for the product to come back in,
  7. look for more of the coupons on that product.
  8. Shop the Sales! Obtain newspaper advertisements and sales flyers for the stores you frequent; compare prices of sale items
  9. Do not be brand loyal. Be willing to switch brands.
  10. Check all product packages. Some may have special offers printed on or attached to the package.

Thanks Caren