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Guest Post by Caren:

Below is a Guest post by Caren from C’s Coupon Place.  She is the owner of that site and we hope she’ll teach us some Coupon Tips and Tricks.  Below she has included a few of her tips.  (more to come I am sure!)



My name is Caren and I am a coupon nut! Living in rural Illinois can make it a challenge to get to town and find the good deals. I have been couponing for many years. I found this hobby when my children were babies and I had to find ways to cut costs on groceries. I got so occupied with coupons that I started my own little refunding magazine then.  I stopped publishing the newsletter because of some personal issues I was going through. But I still used coupons.
I moved to Missouri and started just dabbling with coupons.  I moved again, back to Illinois and really got involved with saving money on groceries. That’s why I started a yahoo group called C’s Coupon Place. I had a number of people that I traded coupons with, so just decided to do a yahoo group where they could all get together and trade with others.

The best deals are to catch items on sale and if possible stack coupons.  It’s even better if there is a rebate on the item. So if you do it right, the item can be free or almost free.  And who doesn’t like Free??  There are stores that offer double coupons, but most of the time there are a lot of restrictions to doubling. Perhaps the amount of coupons, or a limit on the coupon value or you must spend “x amount.  You can save money, but you may have to shop at more than one store to take advantage of the doubling event.

I can normally save at least 25% or more on my grocery bill.  Some folks can do much better than that. It’s all according to how much time you take to scan sale ads and match coupons to the sale items. Walgreen’s and CVS are good places to take advantage of coupon savings. Just scan their sales and you can stack coupons, plus use their Register Rewards or Bonus Bucks.  Always carry your coupons with you.

What it basically boils done to is this, don’t pay full price. To get a better selection of coupons you can use, a coupon group is quite handy. There are groups, such as mine, that has members who trade coupons or perhaps joins a coupon train. Not only can you trade for coupons, you also meet some very nice folks. If you would to join C’s Coupon Place, Click Here to get started with us!