Before you get started

  • Look at who is making the offer.  Does it seem like a legitimate company?  I often check the domain of the site to see if the company actually registered the freebie offer site.
  • Look at the Web site.  Is it professionally done or does it look like someone threw it together just to get something online?  Is it full of Google ads?  Generally companies with legitimate free samples don’t put Google ads on their sites.
  • Check that the site has a privacy policy that tells your personal information is handled.  Does it say they will not sell your email or information?
  • Is the offer is free with no shipping and handling charges or with shipping and handling charges that are relative to its value.  Skip free items that have excessive shipping charges.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with an offer just ignore it.
  • Don’t provide more information than you wish to.
  • Use an alternate email that you only use for freebies and possible junk email sites.  This way you protect your main email account.  You can get a free email from many places.  My favorite is Gmail.  Gmail seems to filter out the majority of spam emails as well.
  • Only give out the information that MUST be filled in for you to get your free items.  Protect your phone number.  You shouldn’t have to give out your phone number for most freebies.  I have a redirect phone number that I use for such times.  If the phone number is not a required field then I always skip this.  Same with your email.  If you don’t have to provide that information, then don’t.
  • Look to see if there is an opt out or opt in check box.  You don’t need to sign up for extra email.  Uncheck that box unless you really do want more email from that company.
  • I always skip all sites that require my email prior to giving my address.  This is an email harvesting site.  Most likely you will also be requested to fulfill offers prior to getting your free thing.  That makes the free thing not so free and will most likely be costly in spam email.

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