Using freebies

Freebie Using Tips

Are your freebies piling up like mine? Great! Here are some of my tips for putting those freebies to use.

1. Use your freebies when you travel – The small shampoos, soaps, tooth paste, sun block, hand sanitizer and other trial size items are perfect for camping trips and short road trips or day trips. They take up less space when you pack and have just enough for a few uses. Food freebies are also great for those short trips. Are you planning on flying? DO take your food samples with you! There are no more free snacks on the plane.

2. Use your freebies when your child sleeps over at a friends’ home – When your child goes to a sleep over they can have their own “stuff” to use. Having these prepackaged and ready for use could be a part of your child getting ready for their night away from you.

3. Use freebies in your Emergency Kit – Having an emergency kit of free samples that you can grab and go is perfect for the emergency situation. Instead of packing at a moments notice, place your samples in a kit that you can just grab on the way out of the house when emergencies arise. Instead of worrying about what you forgot, this prepackaged emergency kit can keep all you’ll need to freshen up.

4. Send your freebies to your soldier – Tiny samples are perfect for your deployed soldier. They can pack that sample and use it while out on a mission. I have sent my soldiers shampoo, soaps, laundry soaps, tooth paste, deodorants, and so much more. (Never pack a “smelly item” with “food items” since the soaps etc. will contaminate the food. No one wants to eat cookies that taste spring fresh!) These small samples also help fill that box to the top! If you don’t have a soldier, you can adopt one through This is where I got my adopted soldiers from.