Using Coupons at Target

Do you know how to use your coupons at Target to maximize your savings? Did you know that Target offers store coupons each week?

Target is one of my favorite stores not only because of their great products but because of their great coupon policy.

Each week at, you’ll find great store coupons! More often than not, you’ll also see those same items go one sale which means double savings when you use your coupon.

Of course there are a few more tricks to help you save money at Target:

  1. You can print off the Target coupons at the kiosks inside the Target stores. (Those same ones used to find wedding and baby registries.) Save money and your ink!
  2. You can use Supertarget coupons at any Target location.
  3. You can combine your Target store coupons with manufacturers coupons. This will land you tons of GREAT deals and even some FREE items!

Did you miss last week’s Supertarget coupons? Don’t worry, you can find all the valid Target coupons by clicking here.

Have you had issues with Target taking your coupons? Target has just added some ‘new’ wording to their coupons but that should not change anything!

The Target policy still states that you can use one manufacturers coupon and one store coupon per item and you can use as many coupons as you’d like (within reason) in one transaction.

If you’ve had problems, I encourage you to contact the corporate office and get an official coupon policy. You can contact them by clicking here.

Want to see video of my last Target trip? Click here!

Thank you to 918 Coupon Queen for allowing me to repost this here. You can find her site at