You – the consumer

Stop being ripped off: get back your money owed you, replace defective products and get better customer service.

I was tired of being ripped off by companies either for $ or in defective, poor quality products. It has happened to me and I bet it has happened to you too. One example: I own a hand held can opener that did not function as a can opener, but made a great paperweight. In the past I would have either thrown it away or it would have ended up in the back of my junk drawer. Well no more – not for me. I have decided to do something about it. This is not intended to “get stuff for free”. That is illegal and defrauding the companies. It is intended to correct poor customer service, reclaim $ that you were cheated out of or get compensation for defective goods either as refunds or replacement.

I read 2 good books to help me get started. They are “Unscrewed: the consumers guide to getting what you paid for” by Ron Burley, and “Consumer Tâ€Ĥ.ism: How to get satisfaction when you’re being ripped off” by Frank Bruni and Elinor Brukett. Both of these books are small under 220 pages and easy and enjoyable to read. I got them at my Library, but I know places like Half Price books carry them too. I am not promoting these books to help them sell in any way. I only know I used what they had to say and it worked, and I read them for free from the Library. There are other books on the subject at my Library I intend to read too.

I have applied the techniques learned in these books. With very little effort on my part, by using the phone and the Internet for research and for e-mailing I have been successful. Once you learn the right techniques and the correct wording to use it is easy. If the company promises something, either after my phone call or e-mail, and I do not receive whatever they promised I would be back at them. The techniques in the books work. If I can do it – so can all of you and you should. It use to be “the customer is always right” Well no more. Now it is the company and how much $ they can make no matter what.

I finally had enough of being treated “like sheep” (as the book says). Of having customer service people expect you to do as you are told and go away, when you know the product is defective or that they have cheated you in some way. These 2 books tell it like it is.

You have more power than you are even aware of. It is not about revenge or getting even. Nothing illegal involved. It is about getting what is due you if you have been cheated or ripped off, or treated poorly by customer service.

Time to become activist for ourselves, the consumers, and stop getting ripped off.